Digital Publications

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The Burning of the Witch Rust +Moth

Winter 2019

Little J. Glass Mountain Volume 23

Fall 2019

Timid Shame River Poets Journal  Special Edition: A Fork in the Road

Fall 2019

Mongolian Cashmere and Your Northern Wild Door is a Jar Magazine Issue 12

Fall 2019

Mammo Pretty Cool Poetry Thing Vol. 4

August 2019

Sylvia's Son The Opiate Vol. 18

Summer 2019

Five Stages of Remembrance Brine Issue 1


Great American Haunt The Charleston Anvil  Vol.4 No.2 

Winter 2018

Remember Me Cowboy and We Were Only Children Pennsylvania Literary Journal Vol. X Issue 3

Fall 2018

Jawns and When They Made Me Leave London Accept Apart 

2018 Anthology 

Dissociative Eulogy Natural Light 

2018 Anthology 

We Were Only Children Poetry Quarterly Issue #35

Fall 2018

Outgrowing the Giant in my Bedroom Third Wednesday Vol. XI, No. 2

Spring 2018

Cabo San Lucas Peeking Cat Poetry Anthology 2017

Jax and This Is It  Door is a Jar Issue 6

Winter 2017

Choice Third Wednesday Vol. X, No. 1

Winter 2017

Reprise Peeking Cat Poetry Issue 26

June 2017

Edelweiss 1932 Quarterly Vol. 1 Issue 2

Spring 2017

XY 1932 Quarterly Vol. 1 Issue 1

Winter 2016

To a Love Muscle and Untitled The Wooden Tooth Review Vol. XVI

Spring 2016